Monday, June 14, 2010


Thanks to all the artists and merchants who donated I was able to raise enough money to get close enough to my goal to be able to get the rest by other means.  The fundraiser at the Space gallery was super fun and the crowd was great.  DJs Jamie Jams and Cubre Libre rocked the house with their tunes. Sasha Darling who owns the Bell Jar and also was one of the San Francisco Merchants to donate for the raffle posted some pics from the event on her blog Darling Little Blog 

The ride began out of San Francisco on June 6th.  Without much sleep 1900 cyclists and I rode into the heavy fog cheered on by hundreds at Cow Palace.  The hills, the long hours in the saddle, and the weather were intense, but the views and the reason to ride ( to end HIV) kept us all going hard for seven days.  I managed somehow to ride every mile and arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday feeling that everyone who helped me get there crossed the finish line with me. 

There are two memories that will be with me forever.  The first would be the powerful smell of strawberry fields. The second would be looking over a campsite of blue tents and spotted in between were thousands of people clad in red dresses getting ready for day 5.  

The Aids Lifecycle is extremely organized and well deserving for anyone who wants to make a change and challenge themselves.  I highly recommend that you sign up now for next year.

Sunday, May 30, 2010 - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 05/30/2010 - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 05/30/2010 21 mi easy peasy.
I bought a new tire and then was too lazy to change it. Got two flats and the back tire died. My own fault.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Curiosity Shoppe Donation

Check out what the Curiosity Shoppe donated for our raffle!  A sweet little brick tote with a fine sampling of design savvy literature.  If you're already a reader of the The Selby then you'll understand the excitement surrounding this already sold out book.  Todd Selby explores the homes of some of the most creative individuals in the art & design realm.  A great glimpse into the lives of the creative elite!

Curiosity Shoppe


Buy raffle tickets HERE for $5 each!  Or donate what you can.

Juliette Oken & Curator

I'm meeting up with Juliette Oken today of Starcade Designs.  You can see her psychedelic prints and collages on her blog or visit them in person at Curator boutique on Church St @ 30th St in Noe Valley.  We are also lucky enough to have a donation from the lovely ladies at Curator for our raffle.  There are some awesome Happy Socks involved as well as a collie dog patch and who DOESN'T need those things?!

juliette oken

juliette oken


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today's Training

Yup I rode 60 miles today.  It took me from 10 am to 4 am, but with generous breaks, Sadly I should be doing more like 75.  I meant to ride with a group but my evil Droid alarm did not go off.  Damn Droid.  Look closely at the map.  I went up Palos Verdes East and passed by Mary Monte College. I think after that hill climb i had what felt like 5 miles of decline. Squeezing onto my breaks as there was no bike lane or anything for that serious curves and trying to keep steady so no car would kill me. I plan to ride with a group tomorrow morning to make up or today.  Soon I will be riding with thousands and shouldn't just ride solo while training. Click below to see my route! - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 05/22/2010
Thanks, Catherine

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Myrina Tunberg & Kitsch Gallery

Congrats to Myrina and the other artists of Kitsch Gallery for their title of "Best New Warehouse Space" bestowed upon them by The SF Weekly.  Well deserved and we are happy to have Myrina's work at the auction.


Myrina Tunberg