Sunday, May 30, 2010 - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 05/30/2010 - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 05/30/2010 21 mi easy peasy.
I bought a new tire and then was too lazy to change it. Got two flats and the back tire died. My own fault.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Curiosity Shoppe Donation

Check out what the Curiosity Shoppe donated for our raffle!  A sweet little brick tote with a fine sampling of design savvy literature.  If you're already a reader of the The Selby then you'll understand the excitement surrounding this already sold out book.  Todd Selby explores the homes of some of the most creative individuals in the art & design realm.  A great glimpse into the lives of the creative elite!

Curiosity Shoppe


Buy raffle tickets HERE for $5 each!  Or donate what you can.

Juliette Oken & Curator

I'm meeting up with Juliette Oken today of Starcade Designs.  You can see her psychedelic prints and collages on her blog or visit them in person at Curator boutique on Church St @ 30th St in Noe Valley.  We are also lucky enough to have a donation from the lovely ladies at Curator for our raffle.  There are some awesome Happy Socks involved as well as a collie dog patch and who DOESN'T need those things?!

juliette oken

juliette oken


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today's Training

Yup I rode 60 miles today.  It took me from 10 am to 4 am, but with generous breaks, Sadly I should be doing more like 75.  I meant to ride with a group but my evil Droid alarm did not go off.  Damn Droid.  Look closely at the map.  I went up Palos Verdes East and passed by Mary Monte College. I think after that hill climb i had what felt like 5 miles of decline. Squeezing onto my breaks as there was no bike lane or anything for that serious curves and trying to keep steady so no car would kill me. I plan to ride with a group tomorrow morning to make up or today.  Soon I will be riding with thousands and shouldn't just ride solo while training. Click below to see my route! - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 05/22/2010
Thanks, Catherine

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Myrina Tunberg & Kitsch Gallery

Congrats to Myrina and the other artists of Kitsch Gallery for their title of "Best New Warehouse Space" bestowed upon them by The SF Weekly.  Well deserved and we are happy to have Myrina's work at the auction.


Myrina Tunberg

Partner in Crime Matthew Reamer

Friend and photographer Matthew Reamer just made his $3,000 LifeCycle goal!  Not only has he met his minimum, but he has also been kind enough to donate a piece to our auction.  See his website and blog for more work.

Matt Reamer


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Gatekeeper by Kristine Reano

    The Gatekeepetr by Kristine Reano is watercolor and ink in paper and will be one of the works available for bid at the Derailleur Impaler Silent art auction May 26th.    
    Kristine is a SF Bay area artist who translates her vision into installations and paintings deriving inspiration from the natural world.  The viewer feels the texture and story of the lines she draws as much as the drifting quiet space left on the paper much like being in a forest alone one hears nature grow. - 05/19/2010

Rode my bike today to A&I printing to pick up Yudi's Echevarria's photo "Classic Bob" for the derailleur impaler auction. One of the guys there made me a strap out of packing tape. It was fun to go through the different neighborhoods. Below is the route I took. It was only just over 17 miles, but any training is training!

Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 05/16/2010

Came up to SF to pick up postcards. Went on this awesome ride to Sausalito with Kylea.


Emilio Santoyo Prints available on Paper Tiger

Emilio Santoyo is a Los Angeles based artist.  His playful spirit carries into his work whether it be for a comic strip, a magazine, or his personal work.  If I were back in Boston right now I would describe it as wicked cute, but here in California it's totally rad.  Check out his website at

Emilio Santoyo

Emilio Santoyo

Emilio has generously donated two intricate sketches and ten tall boy beer cozies.  The cozies will be available for both the raffle and the auction, so buy a raffle ticket today HERE

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Training

Today's ride was beautiful. A cool breezy low 60s in Los Angeles. I pushed myself harder than I normally do when I train alone.
Also I just love riding around the South Bay. I don't know my neighborhood so well, so I keep riding down there. Next week Malibu and Hill training!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

David Enos: A San Francisco Institution

"Immigration Is A Skin Club"

His name echoes in certain places around the world and I have seen his art pop up unexpectedly in music videos or at an independent book fair at PS1 in Queens.  David Enos is probably most know for his avant garde films that have a cult status in San Francisco, especially the ones in collaboration with Sarah Enid Hagey that were shown at the Edinburgh Castle.  David is also know for his music participation in the band the Papercuts.  To see his art and films please check out his art BLOG and a newer blog which is great insight on how he sees the world on TUMBLR.
Here is his work that he is donating titled "Party Guests"


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello Yudi

Yudi Echevarria captures a soft sweet girlish elegence whether in her portraits or fashion photography.  When I view her work I am transported to an innocent and almost sad feeling, like remembering how it felt as if I were eight again and it was raining on a Saturday a few weeks before school got out for the summer.  Yudi is currently working in New York, but mostly splits her time between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  
Here is the piece she will be having in the silent art auction.
Visit her website or check out her blog.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kime Buzzelli May 8th @ Subliminal Projects LA

If you are around LA tomorrow come hang out with me to check out Kime Buzzelli's work at Subject/ subject , a group exhibition opening April 10, featuring works from over a dozen female artists handpicked by the gallery and co-curator Deedee Cheriel.  


SUBject/subJECT examines women's use of public platforms in mass media, inviting both artists and viewers into a dialogue about role models, self-image and the messages women project in both the mainstream and alternative media.  Says Cheriel, "Now that women have 'equal rights,' what are we trying to say?  What's our subject?  Since female artists remain underrepresented in galleries and museums, we created this show as a platform for emerging women artists to represent!" 

SATURDAY, APRIL 10TH, 2010 / 8-11PM
1331 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

If you are perusing around LA go check out her work at the Scion Space, it will be up until May 15th!!!

Scion Installation L.A.
3521 Helms Ave (at National)
Culver City, CA


Check out donors Kevin E Taylor and Ben Venom along with Jon Casey Clarey at Heart Wine Bar May 12th for the opening of their show "Transplants."  Also read this rather charming article in Juxtapoz, complete with funny photos and all.


Here is another amazing piece Kevin collaborated on with Mark Warren Jacques documented by My Love For You's Meighan O'Tool.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Up Hannah Stouffer?!

Hannah might just be the coolest girl you've ever met.  When not working diligently in her studio designing vans graphics and iPhone cases while jamming to gangsta rap, you'll find her cruising around the country in whatever sweet automobile she happens to fancy at that moment (firebird, brat, vintage van, you name it).  Here are some images of the limited edition prints she'll be donating for auction.  




Nice Collective is...well, Nice

Check out the pieces I just picked up from Nice Collective!  The designers have been more than amazing about donating for the raffle and are super supportive of the AIDS LifeCycle.  We will be raffling off these items the night of the 26th so buy your tickets! $5 each!  

Pictured is a grey, wool blend button up cardigan with striped thermal henley.  They were also cool enough to help us accessorize with a brown linen hat with two-tone leather band.  All neatly tucked into a Nice Collective duffle!

Nice Collective

Nice Collective

Nice Collective

Nice Collective


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mezzanine - Tonight!

Donor Kevin Scott Hailey will be at Chillin Productions' 12th Anniversary party tonight selling pieces from his clothing line, Coma and Cotton.  Also show Rebecca Vandersteen, designer of Venus Superstar jewelry, some love while you're there.

Kevin Scott Hailey

Coma and Cotton